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Beginners Guide to Excel

Page history last edited by Sean McHugh 10 years, 9 months ago

Workshop Overview



Intended for complete beginners, as I do believe there is another workshop aimed a more proficient users. I work with teachers all the time who are clueless about spreadsheets, this workshop is intended as an introduction to the wonderful world of spreadsheets, designed to inspire you to get up and running with your own spreadsheets ASAP. 


Workshop Programme


  • basic creation of a class list that tracks scores, assessment over time.
  • transferring data from a Word document to Excel.
  • how to do some basic calculations, such as turn raw scores into percentages.
  • how to use basic formulae that will enable you to get an average across a range of data.
  • tips on conditional formatting so certain cells change colour according to conditions you stipulate.



Workshop Materials


The following is a list of the specific skills that I will be covering so you can get a feel for the content, and whether or not you feel the workshop will be relevant to you:


  • the power of esc
  • pasting, and other forms of pasting, such as unformatted
  • distributing columns
  • cell addresses
  • basic formulae
  • absolute references
  • ctrl selecting cells
  • drag to copy
  • drag to move
  • deleting versus clearing contents
  • headers and footers
  • page break preview
  • sorting
  • conditional formatting
  • freeze panes
  • examining formulae to check data accuracy and calculations
  • formatting cells
  • adding character formatting eg £ or $ and %
  • naming and editing sheets
  • graph creation and formatting
  • editing cell content



Item Description Link Notes
Exploring Spreadsheets A pdf that will introduce basic Excel skills Exploring Spreadsheets.pdf For reference

Note: Will be demonstrated using Microsoft Office 2007, although most of the features are common in any version of Excel, and on any platform.


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