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Creating a Classroom Google Site

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Workshop Overview


Have you ever wanted to create a fast and easy classroom website?  If you have, then look no further than Googlesites.  This easy, fast and efficient site allows you to create a classroom website that will allow you to communicate with students and parents effortlessly.



Workshop Programme


1.  A quick look at the possibilities of using a Google Site

2.  Logging into your google account

3.  Creation of a site name and address

4.  Choosing your template

5.  Understanding the structure of the google site

6.  Creating your homepage

7.  Creating subpages

8.  How to create, share and post a google calendar

9.  How to insert and format pictures and slideshows (using Picasa)

10.  Sharing your site with parents and students

11. Questions/email exchange



Workshop Materials


Please link to any relevant websites or upload any supporting documents here.


Item Description Link Notes
Example Website A link to a sample website https://sites.google.com:443/a/huskymail.cis.edu.sg/2c-s-crazy-creatures/ My personal class website (always a work in progress)
Set Up Set Up a Google Account https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount?service=jotspot&continue If you don't have a google account, sign up here before the session
Handout  A step by step guide to setting it up     
Picasa download  All users


If bringing your own laptop, download picasa 


NB: To save time setting up google accounts, please ensure you have set up a google account before coming to the session by following the link above.


If you are bringing your own laptop, it is recommended that you have Picasa downloaded and some pictures you may want to add to your website. For those not bringing their own laptop, it is recommended that you bring a CD with some photos you would like to add to your site.


Note: it is recommended to make all files PDFs if possible to ensure compatibility. Avoid formats like ".docx" "xls" etc if possible; unless the workshop is specifically dealing with the relevant program to edit those files.


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Aysegul Taylor said

at 7:16 pm on Nov 23, 2009

I really enjoyed the session.Thank you very much for the opportunity...
Aysegul Taylor(UWC)

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