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Excel 2007

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Workshop Overview


With the introduction of Office Excel 2007, Microsoft has made substantial changes to the user interface of its spreadsheet application. This course will help get you up-to-speed on the new features, and will introduce you to the basic features and functionality of Excel 2007. This will be accomplished through the demonstration of workbook creation and navigation, and worksheet data entry at a user-friendly beginner level.

Designed for those who are unfamiliar with spreadsheet programs, this class covers basic Excel functionality, including simple math formulas, formatting and the chart wizard.The course aims to provide a sufficient foundation in Excel, so that participants feel comfortable showing students how to use it, and assigning projects that use Excel as a tool to help students develop critical thinking skills and enhance their learning of curriculum standards.



Workshop Programme

Participants will be able to understand the following:

  • Rows & Columns
  • The Equal Sign
  • Ampersand
  • Formulas
  • Basic Math Functions
  • Cell References
  • Copy & Move
  • Date Math
  • Formatting
  • Time formatting
  • Charts
  • Page Setup
  • Analyse Data
  • If Function
  • Vlookup



Workshop Materials


Please link to any relevant websites or upload any supporting documents here.


Item Description Link Notes
Youtube Excel 2007 Youtube file http://www.youtube.com/user/ExcelIsFun
Make sure to select the "Open in new window" option
Excel Work File Excel exercise ExcelBasicsv2.xls  


Note: it is recommended to make all files PDFs if possible to ensure compatibility. Avoid formats like ".docx" "xls" etc if possible; unless the workshop is specifically dealing with the relevant program to edit those files.


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