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GoogleDocs: Collaboration in the Clouds

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Workshop Overview


  • Isn't it ridiculous for 100 teachers to be trying to access the same Word Document, Spreadsheet or PowerPoint when only 1 person can edit it at a time?
  • Don't you hate it when students 'lose' the thumbdrive that had their presentation on?
  • How do you know which version of a shared document is the latest?
  • Can a Spreadsheet send you an email when it has been altered?


Find inner peace and the answers to all these questions with GoogleDocs. In this practical workshop you will learn how GoogleDocs provides the ultimate in free and secure online document, presentation, spreadsheet and questionnaire sharing tools for students, teachers and managers alike as well as in your personal life! You will see examples of how Tanglin Trust School Languages Department uses this platform as an organisational, teaching and Elearning tool and get ample hands-on time with a product that allows 200 people to be simultaneously editing the same document live.

This is a must for schools that have older students with laptops with different operating systems, or that simply want seamless collaboration between students and teachers and want to save paper. There has to be a reason why Singapore's MOE is introducing this in all local schools this year!



Workshop Programme


15 minutes: overview of what GoogleDocs can do and how we use it with students and staff at Tanglin Trust School

45 minutes: hands-on using some of the 4 main programmes presented



Workshop Materials



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