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MiniMax: Minimum effort - Maximum result

Page history last edited by Sean McHugh 10 years, 8 months ago

Workshop Overview


All too often, the use of computers ends up making more work not less. Is there a way to manage this powerful resource to get the maximum result with the minimum amount of effort? All too often what we get instead is maximax, maximum amount of effort, with a maximum result, or even worse minimin, minimal amount of effort, with a minimal result. At my session I plan to share some ideas on how exactly to do achieve minimax... how can we get the maximum result, with a minimal amount of effort. 



Workshop Programme


  • sharing ways to utilise an IWB, without the need to spend hours learning to use the Promethean software.
  • Using 'swf' (flash movie) files. Find a site with good flash content, and learn how to extract it from the page and run it on its own... any school can build a library of this kind of media.
  • Unlocking Adobe Acrobat: Making the most of the scanning to PDF using copiers, how to edit scanned documents, crop, rotate, extract, tidy up etc. How to turn a scanned document, like pages from a book, into a document with selectable text. How to easily annotated over scanned material in front of the class with the IWB... without using the IWB software.
  • How to extract youtube videos to build a video library for your school.
  • Prezi presentation software demonstration.



Workshop Materials


Please link to any relevant websites or upload any supporting documents here.



Youtube Video Extractor 


Item Description Link Notes
Website Online presentation application http://prezi.com/ Try prezi, learn and use...
Website  www.splandoo.com  Youtube Video Extractor   
Website Adobe Flash player http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/  


To extract an swf with FireFox


  1. Load the flash game in the browser

  2. In Firefox, go to Tools > Page Info

    3. Click the Media tab

    4. Look for the swf usually with 'Embed' as the media type

    5. Click Save As in the bottom right corner 


Note: To play the swf file on your computer, you can install MacroMedia Flash Player for Free, alternatively you open the swf file with a browser, it's just not so easy to view it fullscreen.


On a Mac in Safari, use Window > Activity instead, it lists all the media in the page, find the one that says swf, and double click it, it will load whole page, then you can save it, just choose File > Save from the menu. 



Firefox Addons


Easy youtube Video Downloader

AdBlock Plus


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Dudley Finter said

at 12:29 pm on Dec 2, 2009

Thanks Sean, a worthwhile session. Dudley

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