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Student Voice

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Workshop Overview


                    How can student voice be encouraged and developed through current technologies?

                    How can we enable all students to participate more effectively?

In this workshop, we will explore these ideas through considering three key areas:


  • Information technology has exploded: there's a lot out there to use.
  • Collaboration and sharing of student work is important for their development.
  • Time and appropriate use of these technologies is an issue; we need to be selective

    of engaging and active tools and resources.



Workshop Programme


1) We will take general questions, as attendees arrive.


2) Davidson will share a video which shows the variety and scope of the technologies available.


3) Tamara will present samples of tasks which use wikis (with video) and voicethread.


4) Davidson will share helpful tips on selection of the right tools/resources for your purpose, with some discussion of time considerations for these technologies.


5) We will take closing questions, and share some resources/links for where you can get more information.



Workshop Materials


Please link to any relevant websites or upload any supporting documents here.


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