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Studywiz for Beginners

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Workshop Overview


Studywiz for Beginners gives participants an introduction to Studywiz in a supported session which will be relevant to their classroom practice and school implementation.



Workshop Programme

Participants will:


  • Be introduced to the standard, primary and mobile interfaces
  • Log on as a student and explore a variety of activity types
  • Log on to the platform and create resources such as a gallery, a vote, an assignment and a discussion



Workshop Materials


Below are some links and documents that will be used during the presentation.


Item Description Link Notes
Studywiz Workspace for workshops http://demo4.studywiz.com/
Users will be given logons at the start of the session
Studywiz Mobile   Studywiz Mobile
Information about the mobile interface


Note: it is recommended to make all files PDFs if possible to ensure compatibility. Avoid formats like ".docx" "xls" etc if possible; unless the workshop is specifically dealing with the relevant program to edit those files.


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