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Virtual Lego Robotics

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Workshop Overview

Many schools offer students the opportunity to create and programme robots, often using the Lego Mindstorms kits (using Robolab software) or the new NXT kit. Naturally, the kits cannot be taken home. However, there are resources available that can be used at home.

In the area of construction, students can get an introduction to computer-assisted design (CAD) through options like MLCad, LeoCad and BrickSmith. These open source programmes can be downloaded at home and students asked to design virtually. This could be one way for students to document their designs. Lego Digital Designer is an online option as well.


As far as programming is concerned, RobolabOnline offers the ability to programme a screen robot at the lowest level of Robolab. My students have found this a fun way to learn programming in class and at home.



Workshop Programme


Introductions/experience with Lego Robotics

MLCad – introduction and hands-on practice

LeoCad, BrickSmith and Lego Digital Designer

RobolabOnline – hands-on




Workshop Materials


Please link to any relevant websites or upload any supporting documents here.


Item Description Link Notes
MLCad The software I use for CAD http://www.lm-software.com/mlcad/ Should be installed on the desktops in our lab.
MLCad tutorial Helpful online tutorial http://www.hpfsc.de/mlcd_tut/Default.html For reference
MLCad book  Helpful resource  http://www.librarything.com/work/748207  For reference 
MLCad book  Helpful resource  http://lat.librarything.com/work/537987  For reference 
LeoCAD Alternative software http://www.leocad.org/ Not installed for this workshop
LeoCAD tutorial Helpful online tutorial http://trac.gerf.org/leocad/wiki/BasicTutorial Similar to one in the LeoCAD web site
BrickSmith Mac software http://bricksmith.sourceforge.net/ Not installed for this workshop

Freeware CAD from

Lego - PC & Mac

http://ldd.lego.com/ Does not include yellow brick, only NXT
RobolabOnline Programme a screen robot http://www.robolabonline.com/ Username and password for this workshop to be provided


Note: it is recommended to make all files PDFs if possible to ensure compatibility. Avoid formats like ".docx" "xls" etc if possible; unless the workshop is specifically dealing with the relevant program to edit those files.


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