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Welcome to OneNote

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Participants: If you have your own laptop with OneNote 2007 installed, bring it to the workshop so you can create something you can keep.


Workshop Overview


Tired of sticky notes and lists on scraps of paper? Looking for a way to organize all those little bits of information you need to store? Need a powerful tool for collaboration? If your school uses Microsoft Office, you probably have access to Microsoft OneNote. This hands-on session will give you an overview of what the program can do and then show you many ways you can use it.  

Time: 10:45 - 12:00                                    Target: Teacher's professional productivity



  • Understand of what Onenote is and why you would use it.
  • Be able to locate the program on your computer.
  • Be able to use the basic parts of the notebook.
  •  Be able to read, add information and sync a notebook.



Workshop Programme



  • With me or self-paced
  • All participate in Activities
  • Quiet when I am teaching
  • Ask questions as we go along - may defer
  • Bathroom breaks as needed


Explanation of First Assignments

How to Use: http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AVwGwtL3MuG5YWdibmg2Y3N0YjcyXzU2aGM5d21kd2I&hl=en

Questions: http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/onenotequestions  



 Demo video


Find and open the program

Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft OneNote 2007



Getting Started

  • OneNote Basics
  • How Can OneNote Help Me?
  • Take Notes of Many Types
  • Gather Screen Clippings
  • How to Organize Notes
  • Search Your Notes
  • Work with Outlook
  • Send Notes to Others
  • Tag Important Notes
  • Use Shared Notebooks






Guided Practice 

The three built-in notebooks

  • Work
  • Personal
  • One Note 2007 Guide


New Notebook


Adding Information

  • Adding Pictures
  • Copying from Internet
  • Send from Outlook
  • Adding Files
    • As icons
    • As printouts
  • Work With Tables
  • Templates



Close and Open Notebooks


More Cool Features


OneNote Strengths


OneNote Challenges

  • Don't let Notebooks become bigger than 5 MB
  • Password Protecting sections of shared notebooks is problematic.
  • Not meant as a file server for organizing your files
  • Not meant as a photo gallery
  • Occassionally becomes confused with multiple people editing a page at once.





Workshop Materials


Please link to any relevant websites or upload any supporting documents here.


Item Description Link Notes
Training Card  OneNote Training Card to print out  onenote-training-card2007.pdf  Make sure to select the "Open in new window" option
Example File A link to a sample file Overview of All Presentations by Time Slot.pdf For reference
One Note notebook  How One Note Supports Learning Styles  http://www.iheartonenote.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=149:back-to-school-how-onenote-supports-learning-styles&catid=36:notebooks&Itemid=62#meteor=2RCVVr2GRcZ   
Blog Article  Microsoft OneNote is a Note-Taking Power Tool  http://lifehacker.com/5042429/microsoft-onenote-is-a-note+taking-power-tool   
Demo Video  What is OneNote?  http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/onenote/ha101686341033.aspx   
Workshop Evaluation Survey Please complete this survey to help me improve the workshop.  Select Welcome to OneNote as the title of the workshop. http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/?p=WEB229WQBJ23GZ  


Note: it is recommended to make all files PDFs if possible to ensure compatibility. Avoid formats like ".docx" "xls" etc if possible; unless the workshop is specifically dealing with the relevant program to edit those files.


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