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Wikis in the Classroom

Page history last edited by Crew Carroll 10 years, 8 months ago

Workshop Overview


The first few minutes will be spent discussing a wiki, how it works, who controls it, etc...

We will then brainstorm the various uses of a wiki in the classroom and view examples of how they have been used.

Our next task will be editing a practice wiki.

Finally, each participant will be shown how to set up their own wiki and make it visually pleasing. 

Questions will be taken during the entire workshop.



Workshop Programme


  • What is a wiki?
  • Possible uses of a wiki in the classroom
  • Helpful hints and problems one might encounter
  • Examples of wikis
  • Practice editing/making a wiki
  • Design your own wiki
  • How to embed a tracker into your wiki



Workshop Materials




Item Description Link Notes
A free site that will host your wiki This is a site that gives you free access to make and use a wiki. www.wetpaint.com For reference
A wiki used in the classroom This is a wiki that was used in a classroom from January until June www.mrcarroll.wetpaint.com For reference



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